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    2. Meet your trainers

    3. How to use this course

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    5. Before we begin...

    1. Introduction and Arriving Exercise

    2. Jackal and Giraffe Language

    3. Take the Jackal and Giraffe quiz!

    4. Translating Jackal language into Giraffe language

    5. Reflecting on the lesson

    1. Introduction and Arriving Exercise

    2. What are observations and why are they important in NVC?

    3. Take the observation quiz!

    4. Observation exercises: what can you see and hear in the room?

    5. What can you see in the room?

    6. What can you hear in the room?

    7. Observation exercise: how do you feel now?

    8. Take the quiz: Is this an Observation?

    1. Introduction and Arriving Exercise

    2. Our feelings come from our needs

    3. Take the quiz: feelings come from needs!

    4. Building a feelings vocabulary

    5. Exercise: building a feelings vocabulary

    6. Taking responsibility for how you feel

    7. Exercise: taking responsibility for how you feel.

    8. Pseudo-feelings

    9. Translating pseudo-feelings

    10. That's it for this lesson

    1. Credits

    2. Sad

    3. Angry

    4. Frustrated

    5. Surprised

    6. Afraid

    7. Curious

    8. Happy

    9. Loving

    10. Peaceful

    1. Introduction and Self-empathy guided reflection

    2. What are needs?

    3. Quiz: what are needs?

    4. Our feelings come from our needs

    5. Quiz: feelings come from needs

    6. More about needs: is there a hierarchy of needs?

    7. Quiz: more about needs

    8. Guided reflection: the Feelings and Needs Wheel

    9. Quiz: guided reflection on the Feelings and Needs Wheel

    10. The Needs Café

    11. Quiz: the Needs Café

    12. Tasting the needs

    13. Guided audio reflection: tasting your needs

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